Items of need

Things we need  -  waterproof coats,  tinned potatoes, sugar, stewing steak & instant mash

Things we DON'T need  - breakfast cereal, soups, tea & coffee

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Christmas 2018 newsletter outside and inside

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Christmas 2016 newsletter outside and inside

Harvest 2016 newsletter outside and inside

Easter  2016 newsletter outside and inside


A note from the manager

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has donated items to the Bristol Methodist Centre. It fills my heart with joy to see people taking our mission to heart and giving out of the overflow of Christs love. It truly humbles me each and every day when I open a letter or receive donations at the centre.  The joy it brings my heart is tremendous and the help it provides both the centre and our guests is incredible. No matter how big or how small you may feel your donation is, may Christ richly bless your giving and servant hearts.

Ross Jeffery Centre Manager

Thank you for your continued support!  When making deliveries could we ask that you please ring the bell on the back gate in the car park and someone will come and help unload.


Clothing store

Often people arrive at the Centre with only the clothes they are wearing. Because of this we like to have our own clothes store. At the moment we especially need men's jeans and waterproof trainers / shoes (please no canvas trainers or shoes) and track suit bottoms.