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Community in Action…

We are planning a community activity with local arts group Studio Meraki and the Police, the Barton Hill Beat Team.

One particular idea is to have an Easter Egg hunt for children across Barton Hill in an attempt to bring families together for a few days of fun and games.

If you are able to donate Cream Eggs to our appeal it would be greatly appreciated. These can be dropped directly into the centre - could we ask that these could be donated before the 15th April 2019. Thank you all in advance!


New Weekly Health Drop-in

We are currently working with Homeless Health and have a weekly drop in service where guests can see a nurse and also receive a number of vaccinations whilst also getting any needs addressed or information and advice.

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Aircharge Table

Through our work with Next Meal we have been fortunate enough to be donated aircharge facilities which are now available for guest to charge their electrical devices - enabling them to stay connected.

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We have now purchased a Defibrillator. This is displayed within our busy day room and helps our staff, volunteers and guests know that life saving equipment is onsite if needed. As well as having numerous First Aid trained staff who are delighted that we now have access to this equipment should it be needed. Also we have registered this within the community so it can be used if needed in an emergency.


Table Tennis at the BMC.

We were recently delight to get a grant from Table Tennis England and now have a brand new Table Tennis table and equipment for our guests to enjoy, adding more provision for our ever popular games room.


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Laundry Appeal - A note from the Manager.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been able to help with out laundry appeal - at the BMC the laundry is one of the busiest parts of our daily working life. We offer laundry facilities to our guest helping to wash and dry their clothes when needed and getting them back to them within a couple of days.

We have three washing machines and dryers at the centre which run from when we open until closing time and Karen our support worker is constantly fighting to get this under control.

We put out an appeal recently in our newsletter about the possibility of getting another washer and dryer and we were blown away by the response. We now have funds to cover the purchase of the equipment and also for the small costs to renovate the room into a more usable space. So I would like to just say a huge thank you to you all, from myself, Karen and the guests for your dedication into helping make a small change that will have huge ramifications!

Ross Jeffery Centre Manager

Clothing store

Often people arrive at the BMC with only the clothes they are wearing. Because of this we have a large and well used clothing store. At the moment we especially need men's jeans and waterproof trainers / shoes (please no canvas trainers or shoes) and track suit bottoms. Also we are in need of smaller sizes of mens clothes such as small or medium.

When guests to arrive with soiled clothes we aim to get them in the showers and provide them with a full set of new clothes, helping them leave the centre feeling that much more better about themselves. We also aim to wash and return their soiled clothes to them within the week for use again and this can start an ongoing process of clean clothes.